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Žarko Aleksić

Simulation of Thinking. Consciousness as an artistic medium
In the age of cognitive capitalism, starting from the idea of margining the concept of artificial intelligence and virtual reality I am exploring structure and aspects of consciousness such as subjectivity, unity, intentionality. My privileged epistemological position allows me to treat the question of "What it is like to be Žarko Aleksić ? " trough examining that pathological paradox states that cancel each other - the belief in a sort of solipsism and the urge to show different thought patterns to the others treating privacy of thoughts and decoding the mind. If I would have to simplify to the one line I would use an analogy with Duchamp's method of appropriation only instead of the objects I am using consciousness in my practice. Although the exhibition deals with highly subjective mental states the critical aspect can be seen in the performance piece "The Trip" that goes beyond the gallery dealing with emancipatory potentials of neuro plastitsity and also in the work "Potemkin's village" which connects the idea of the scenes built with the intention to mislead the public, which in the modern interpretation could be the medias and an uncritical observer / consumer who is zombified blindly follows the imposed trends deeply believing that he or she is a unique, independent and free. Coca cola or Pepsi is a measure of freedom, while thinking in the field of overcoming and alternative to the neo liberal capitalism is understood as a Utopian, unrealistic and unnecessary. Simulacrum of democracy, simulacrum of social mobility, simulacrum of a comfortable life, simulacrum of justice. We became a society for a reproduction of an apparition. This project seeks for a cognitive overturn - namely thinking.

MonuMentalne strukture
Monumentalne strukture je instalacija reaizovana u Galeriji Doma Omaldine 2019 godine, a gradja za tu izložbu je deo pripreman za film u proširenom polju, posvećen mojoj nani i dedi, koji su ključno uticali na moje formiranje. Naime, više od 60 sati materijala je snimljeno, od kojih intervjua, zatim dokumentranih scena iz života, arhivske gradje, ali i re-enactment performansa po mom sećanju, itd. Izložba, koja je samo jedna mali isečak, bazirana na dogadjaju iz 1988. godine, kada je moja nana Lela odlučila da me prijavi za meanifestaciju Susreti sela, gde ću pevati numeru Miloša Bojanića Mi smo Jugoslovni.

Was is Kunst, Alexa ?
A performance titled "Was is Kunst, Alexa?" is a re enactment piece based on a performance of a Yugoslav conceptual artist Raša Todosijević from 1978. In his work "Was ist Kunst, Marinela Koželj? Raša Todosijević examines Marinela in military, strict, rigorous manner with only one question "Was ist Kunst?" I appropriate the question in the same military, strict and rigorous way and I ask "Was is Kunst, Alexa?" (a virtual assistant, AI technology developed by Amazon) reframing the question of institutional theory of art and institutional critique by playing with the absurd idea that algorithm (recommendation algorithm) designed by a company that sells objects, could properly, without bias and ideological priming answer centuries-old question. The language of the utterance is even more interesting if the background story is known, that I couldn't study art in Serbia and I had to go to Austria to study there.



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