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Adrienn Újházi

“An introduction to Biophilia” 2019.
The name of the series “An introduction to Biophilia” is a segment of a new cycle of research of natural materials called BIOPHILIA, is a term that denotes the instinctive connection of man with all living systems. It is made up of smaller formats within which I adapt to the natural characteristics of the materials I use. I promote aesthetic expressions, which appeal to a more responsible attitude of man towards nature, in order to achieve a collective environmental awareness in the example of the individual. By using and transposing the natural elements in their original state, after which, with minimal interventions, I come to the end product of my work. They are dominated by the found textures and colors despite the use of filler elements, which are given a different context in the work process. These are: flour, sand, wax, hemp, "scoby"- Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast , etc. These works take the form of a miniature experiment, notes of thought in technological research.

From the “Biophilia” series (2019-.)
The organic works are part of the series called "Biophilia," which are based on human unconscious consumption. The idea of the piece is to point to ecological crises and disasters, specifically the pollution of planet Earth and a simulation of consumerism in the future. The symbolism of strong light and colors that illuminate the delicate noble natural material „SCOBY“ have their ironic meaning, stating a consumer approach, that is, a simulation of our choices of making the right decision. I create an organic image with the help of a biological process from scoby, which is an acronym for symbiotic bacterial and yeast culture, where bacterial cellulose is produced during the fermentation of black / green tea. By using tap water, with and without filters, I measure and aesthetize our environment through polluted waters. During cultivation, various flecks, pieces of buds appear and the color of the surfance of teh material . The work consists of different sized pieces of dehydrated and fixed cellulose, which I stack on top of each other to obtain the desired density of the material. By stacking / collating glass-based materials that are plant-based, the work takes on an abstract form. The observer should get the desire to get as close as possible to see more details, smell or touch the material. Uncertain contact with nature in man’s subconscious mind is always present. The „effect of biophilia” is to stimulate the production of serotonin, which is a healthy and happy hormone, while observing a part of nature and having contact with something that is natural. Therefore, works from the BIOFILIA series, made by natural process will be enriched with elements of color and light, and will have the function of a light box. From an artificial source, the texture and condition of the bacterial cellulose will be even more emphasized. Playing with the connection of the observers and the works themselves, they gain interactivity, dynamics and ambiance in space. By applying artificial light and technology, I inject man's power to manipulate nature. They can change the colors as they desire to get a better feel of the work.

“Compost me” (2020-) Interactive installation in space
Interactive installation in space 2020. / Soil/hummus,swab tubes All over the world, we are dealing with huge environmental pollution, GMO seeds, plastic pollution that all affect our natural resources such as water, soil, air. What we consume on a daily basis determines our character and well-being. In my work I use "SCOBY" ( which is produced fermentation of black tea), and I use its sensitivity to visualize our current state of the environment. Using bacteria, clamps and doing different interventions on them, I form and conduct a dialogue with nature. During the experimental process of making SCOBY, organic material dominates the work and creates its aesthetics. A new project called "Compost Me" is an interactive installation in space (open or closed). Visitors could take clean and disinfected saliva swab tubes and of choice installs (samples) test tubes in the installation (into the ground). After a certain period, the collected swabs of the visitors will be used for further development of the work. The traveling interactive installation, the gotten swab samples of different people makes up a collection that carries the message "We are one„. One part of human bacteria will be transferred to a larger format, where the relationship precisely defines man and nature, with the intervention of organic materials "clamps". A set of samples from the audience will turn into bacteria and merge with the natural culture (staples) that breeders (with bacteria). The final presentation of “We Are One” is a light box (from the series Biophilia). The goal is to get a collective creation, by getting and selecting as many saliva samples as possible from different locations (states, nationalities, etc.) would break the line between us humans. Partly titled "Compost Me" and after evolving into "We Are One," through this project, I promote my artistic approach to nature and I’m trying get the audience to rethink their future actions for a better and more sustainable future



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