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Andrea Palašti

The shopping list
My mothers shopping sticky notes that are given to me and my father to don't forget what to buy her. From the series HOME WORKOUTS Home workouts is a work in progress, and it consist of different single workouts, which are conceived as communication exercises and workout routines that can be easily achieved with minimal equipment, time and/or effort and that can be performed with or without family members at home or from home. The workout routines are mostly directed, and are investigating a particular phenomenon within a family’s everyday. They represent a humorous exploratory analysis of issues of history, identity, gender, economics and/or politics. Home workouts employ collaborations and curatorial impulses into the project - for instance, commission, gathering and displaying the work of others. Home workouts were created in response to previously directed short-term tasks, which than proliferated to works that were already realized in the past that transcribed vital processes in the interaction between the free and controlled everyday. Therefore, Home workouts reveal how social and cultural developments and political ideologies affect the construction of the everyday.

I gave an assignment to my mother to photograph my father. After about three weeks she get bored with it, because - as she says - he is always at the same place with the same face. From the series HOME WORKOUTS

Drawings of dogs by my father in the years of his unemployment (1992 - ). The drawings were made based on a Dog Encyclopedia. Dozens of them were given as birthday gifts to friends with dogs. Only seven left. We never had a dog. From the series HOME WORKOUTS



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