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Sonja Jankov

Cogito Ergo Sonnet
Series of poems that have the visual form of a sonnet - 14 lines - have been exhibited, installed in galleries, presented, read and published in local and international journals, such as the Berkeley Poetry Review (issue 41, 2010, pp. 20-22, ISSN 1081-5430). In some of them, each of circles/spots/letters O is differently coloured, following spot paintings by Damien Hirst, while some are re-writing of Finnegans Wake by James Joyce (as the after John Cage reproduction below) + installation views: Shock Gallery, Led Art, Novi Sad, 7-31/12/2012, art director: Nikola Džafo

Euthanasia of Marble
Euthanasia of Marble is specific installation that took place in Gallery of Shock Commune (Šok Zadruga) as accompanying event of the promotion of published book with the same title (in Serbian). Entire installation was composed of elements arranged in 14 lines, forming abstract visual sonnets, since all the texts in the book are written in such manner. They represent a shift from 2D readable pieces from Cogito Ergo Sonnet series, to 3D abstract visual sonnets. The main materials were those discussed in the book, such as styropore, nylon for isolation, alu-foil, etc. + installation views: Šok zadruga, Novi Sad, 7-21/10/2014, art director: Slobodan Stošić

In the Wake of Helmut Newton
Series of drawings where letters and figures are treated like equal visual elements. Most of them contain motives and blacks from Helmut Newton’s photographs and some are multi-layered using transparent papers to create different visual narratives. All drawings have been made by graphite pencils and some of them include small collage intersections. There are 40 of them altogether and dimensions of all are 50 x 70cm. + reproductions: G, Godard’s Layers + installation view: University Library in Belgrade, 22/6-5/9/2013, art director: Nataša Matović



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