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Andrea Palasti

Portraits and memories /2015/
A project by the Federation of Jewish Communities in Serbia and in collaboration with The Jewish Historical Museum in Belgrade. Concept of the exhibition, curation, exhibition design and production: Andrea Palasti; Project director: James Lowell May; Project coordinator: Ruzica Devic; Texts: Ivana Vranesevic, Milovan Pisarri. Portraits and memories is an exhibition and education program by the Federation of Jewish Communities in Serbia (FJCS) – which explores the newly established digital archive of pre-Holocaust era photographs and recording testimonies of Holocaust survivors of the Jewish Community in Serbia. The digital archive currently holds a collection of almost 1700 digitalized photographs and around 100 recorded testimonies in an audio-video and textual format. The exhibition presents around 1000 photographs, collected from the family albums of Holocaust survivors and the archive of the Jewish Historical Museum in Belgrade which is organized and systematized by a cataloguing system according to subject (exhibition) and name headings (archive section).

The Collection of MRNNJ /2014/
The Collection of MRNNJ was cunducted as a research project of the exhibition 14-14 (authors: Alexander Hrib, Zlatko Nikolic, Jelena Radonjic, Marko Salapura, Igor Sladoljev and in collaboration with Srdjan Keca); for the Venice Biennale of Architecture - Pavilion of Serbia, Venice, Italy, 2014. The Collection of MRNNJ is a research project devoted to the issues of urban policies and museum practices that spawned and then abandoned the project of the Museum of the Revolution of Yugoslav Nations and Ethnic Minorities in Belgrade, starting from 1959 to 1996. Through indexing the objects from the (never fully realized) permanent collection of the MRNNJ and documenting the 10 possible positions/locations where the building of the MRNNJ should have been built, the project examines the ways how the Yugoslav national identity was constructed, represented and perceived. The failure of the MRNNJ was historically coincided with the political crisis in the former Yugoslavia, which eventually led to the break-up of Yugoslavia and to the final failure of the socialist revolution. Therefore, the presented objects and the social landscape around the MRNNJ underwent numerous transformations concurrent with national, cultural, political and economic imperatives. The Collection of MRNNJ presents a reactivation and a re-contextualisation of the different ideas behind the project MRNNJ, framing and classifying the current socio- political landscape, this time from the perspective of a modern, post-socialist society.

Home workouts /2014 - /
Home workouts is a work in progress, and it consist of different single workouts, which are conceived as communication exercises and workout routines that can be easily achieved with minimal equipment, time and/or effort and that can be performed with or without family members at home or from home. The workout routines are mostly directed, and are investigating a particular phenomenon within a family’s everyday. They represent a humorous exploratory analysis of issues of history, identity, gender, economics and/or politics. Home workouts employ collaborations and curatorial impulses into the project - for instance, commission, gathering and displaying the work of others. Home workouts were created in response to previously directed short-term tasks, which than proliferated to works that were already realized in the past that transcribed vital processes in the interaction between the free and controlled everyday. Therefore, Home workouts reveal how social and cultural developments and political ideologies affect the construction of the everyday.



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