Producition Workshop Archive Finale 2010





Still Life with Cannabis


I approach the photograph like an open field; and even though each picture
is initiated by a particular context, I leave the final production of meaning
to the spectator. This leaves space for new misunderstandings (how to make
shooting stars out of airplanes), mis–readings (instructions for picture use)
or substitution theories (show me mine and I'll show you yours) – which, I
must admit, gives me great pleasure! – but also more serious lapses taking
the observer into the slippery ground; sometimes as far as the centre of the
ring, far from the nearest handrail.

Still Life with Cannabis, colour photograph, 40 x 40 cm, 2010



Goran Micevski was born in 1977 in Belgrade. Graduated photography at
the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2004. He had a number of solo
and group exhibitions both in the country and abroad. Recent exhibitions
include: By the Way, Gallery of Cultural Center 'Student's City'; Cultural
Center Belgrade, 2011; I am what I am, 25th Memorial Nadežda Petrović,
Čačak, Photo documents, Cultural Center Požega, New Serbian Photography,
Simulaker Gallery, Novo Mesto, Slovenia and Up(date) with art practices:
Serbia 2002–2009
, Kraljevo, Čačak, Sombor, Užice in 2010 and Finnish
at the Remont Gallery, Belgrade in 2009.

Kontakt: goranmicevski(at)