Producition Workshop Archive Finale 2010





For the Artist


Video projection on the background of a red wall, 1 minute 45 sec, 2009

For the Artist is a video projection which belongs to a group of works entitled Cinematic Sculptures and Cinematic Shadows realised during a residential stay in the USA. Cinematic Sculptures and Cinematic Shadows is a mixture of memories and films. The work is a result of isolation in Carbondale and the hours spent watching films. The works are shadows, ghosts of left-over emotions.

For the Artist

“Bethy” is a painting by the German artist Gerhard Richter. This work of art has always attracted me because of the jacket which reminds me of Japanese kimonos. Staying close to this work of art, my thoughts have led me to reconstruct it. A long time ago, a fellow-artist suggested doing Richter in the form of a collage – For the Artist is my response to that. The video is a footage of the author wearing an Anthropology jacket in the given position. It is projected onto a red painted wall, evoking the impression of brush-strokes. The video footage has been slowed down so that the breathing is barely noticed. It draws us into a field between photography, painting and film. It is about transformation, point of view, the history of figurative painting, the author, contemplation… 


Ivana POPOV was born in 1976 in Dubrovnik. She finished MFA studies at the Faculty of Art and Design, Southern Illinois University Carbondale. She got her Master’s Degree at the Faculty of Arts in the class of professor Anđelka Bojović 2001. She was awarded a scholarship at the Southern Illinois University Carbondale 2007-2010; the award of the 39th October Salon1998; Miloš Bajić prize for distinctive creative innovation in 1997. She participated in 10 solo and 40 group exhibitions in the country and abroad: Cinematic Sculptures, Cultural Centre Belgrade 2009, Veil of Reality, Felissimo Design House, New York, 2005, Moon Reflection, Zepter Gallery 2000,/2001, the Flower Way, Dom Omladine Belgrade 1998, Shangri-la, CZKD, 1998.

Contact: popovivana(at)