Producition Workshop Archive Finale 2010





Black Diamond

Zorica ČOLIĆ

'... nothing to explain, nothing to interpret... just pure abstract machine of a twilight state...'
(Deleuze, Guattari).

The work began as a certain 'je ne sais quoi'; it started out of pure jouissance, an enjoyment in the continuous movement, in the between states, and the elusiveness of the route that leads nowhere, as well as a pleasure in anticipating the lack of sense and meaning. Then I added the
'black diamond' – a flat shape juxtaposed over the video that floats and runs through the landscape, partially and occasionally blocking out the Sun, tracing the 'lines of flight'.

I wanted to emphasize the two–dimensionality of the video, flatness of the images and their artificiality. Thus the work suggests how in general multiplicative media reality, intimate threads of hiding and revealing, can offer a particular sensitivity and longing for the other, a paradigm for transformation, and enjoyment in the performative itself, rather than reaching a fixed goal.

Black Diamond, video loop, 2010.


Zorica ČOLIĆ

Zorica Čolić belongs to a generation of artists with a layered, heterogenous approach, constantly avoiding to adopt a clearly defined position of an artist. Her mediums go from ephemeral public space interventions, autonomous sculptures, videos, texts, neon signs and non–artistic materials all the way to discoursive activities, often confronting the audience with the unexpected and intimidating experiences which are a part of everyday life, but are preferrably not talked about. Born in 1977 in Šabac. She graduated at the Academy of Art in Novi Sad, finished her master's studies (in electronic art) at the School of Art and Design, Alfred University, Alfred, NY, USA and is on her doctoral interdisciplinary studies since 2010 at the University of Art in Belgrade, at the Department of Art Theory and Media.

Kontakt: colic.zorica(at)