Producition Workshop Archive Finale 2010







Unlike previous works of Marina Marković dealing with the living, human body, Inspiration deals with the objects subjectivised through artistic in tervention and arranged so as to represent the absent body. This body of objects, all in different relation with the artist, has a performative character, should performativity be understood as 'moving from everyday (ordinary) life towards art which applies the idea of Duchamp's "ready–made" to the human existence and trivial (ordinary) behaviour'. From the point of view of composition, the work consists of personal objects – hospital bracelet from the maternity ward/first piece of jewellery, a colour scale of pregnancy tests, stockings, a meter, a felt–tip pen... The name Inspiration refers to an active two–way personal relationship between the artist and the material exhibited, a relationship where objects which are received/bought/owned have an effect on the artist, inducing further reflexion and work process. It is vital that the chosen objects be freed from any potential symbolic and representa-
tional function and taken 'as they are'. The aestheticism of this work is not the result of artistic fiction or aesthetisation, but the exact opposite – insisting on the material nature of these objects and the literal/unique nature of everyday reality. Every time they are exhibited, the objects will change and/or disappear, corrupt and decay since the work does not attempt their conservation but it explores the documentative approach to artefacts, it works on exploring the relations of aesthetic and face value, the relativity of the actual compared to added value and finally, the questioning of the material.

Inspiration, installation, 200 x 150 cm, 2011



Marina Marković was born in 1983 in Belgrade. She graduated in 2008 at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in the class of professor Dragan Jovanović. She exhibited in numerous group exhibitions and festivals both in the country and abroad (Belgium, Italy, USA, Spain, Great
Britain...). Her first solo exhibition was in 2008 in Pančevo Biennale (Holy Liposuction), and then in the gallery of Studentski grad (Nasty Tullumba Cakes, 2008 ) at the gallery of Youth Center (I will not swallow, 2009) at the UBSM, (+–,2009) and at the UK Parobrod (Chewing and Spitting, 2011). In 2010 she initiated the creation of the independent art association Treći Beograd with a group of artists.