Producition Workshop Archive Finale 2010





Of Abnormality


The work is envisaged as an ambiental reading situation. The passages of  Foucault (Abnormal) about the monster have been decontextualised, moved and faced with the individual act of subject-artist’s (monster’s) speech in the first person. The monster’s speech is an allegory of subjectivity characterised by agression, excess, difference, discord and disintegration. He is faced with the discourse of forensic medicine which classifies, isolates and excommunicates him. This opposition of the two discourses is neither a socal commentary nor an ideological criticism, but a display of some of the techniques of of how the system and the strategy of excommunication, discrimination and isolation of wild subjectivity work.  In a conflicted manner the pictures form  a logic of displaying and accepting the identity of a monster. The monster is a fantasm of another, ideal delinquent, of what the artist could be.


RankoTRAVANJ was born in 1985 in Zenica. He is currently living in Belgrade. He graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, painting department. He has exhibited at many joint exhibitions in Serbia.

Contact: rtravanj(at)