Producition Workshop Archive Finale 2010





According to Her


According to Her is a home musical. The main character is a retired woman living in the country. The genre in which there is no situation you cannot sing and dance in (in the market – My Fair Lady, on the fire escape – West Side Story, in the factory during and after a murder – Dancer in the Dark or even in a prison – Jail House Rock)is transferred to a more „normal“ scenery: with my mother in Lipovica. The starting point of this work is her claim that every day is the same, that there is a pattern to her average day with very little variation. A choir accompanies her while she works in the garden, feeds the animals, takes her afternoon nap and watches TV. The usual beat of performing these actions changes through the rhythm and dance and everyday life becomes… (almost) seductive.


In her works, Marija Đorđević deals with what is different in the closest and most obvious things: everyday life and immediate surroundings. She was born in 1980, studied at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, AVU in Prague and HfBK in Dresden. She is currently working on a film in a workshop with Želimir Žilnik.

Contact: bojanara(at)